Death Tax Facts

Estate (Death) Tax Facts:

1.  In 2011, the Oregon Legislature almost passed a bill which retroactively applied to the estates of persons who had already died.

2.  In 2001, all 50 states had estate/inheritance taxes. Since then 31 states have repealed them.

3.  Current tax, on estate over $1 million value, ranges from 10% to 16%.  This is separate from the federal tax.

4.  Less than 1.5% of General Fund revenue comes from estate taxes.

5.  The estate tax harms family-owned businesses, especially those with land, buildings, and major equipment.

6.  The estate tax makes Oregon non-competitive for jobs: only three states west of the Mississippi still have an estate tax (Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii).

Ballot Measure 84 Citizen Initiative to Eliminate the Oregon Estate (Death) Tax Facts:

1.  Former Oregon Governor Vic Atiyeh is Honorary Chairman of the Coalition to end the Oregon death tax.

2.  Citizen Initiative for November 2012 ballot.

3.  Phases out Oregon Death (estate) taxes from January 1, 2013, for three years. Tax eliminated fully as of January 1, 2016.

4.  Prohibits any state or local estate tax.

5.  We have polled voters, statewide, six times: voters favor repeal by a wide margin.

6.  Over 132,000 voters signed our petition – 45,000 more than the number of verified signatures required.

7.  Over 50 organizations are members of our coalition.

8.  Over 8,000 Oregon voters volunteered to help us by gathering signatures for the petition.  About half the signatures gathered were by volunteers.  The other half were from paid circulators.

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